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Little Ornithologists 2022: third edition turns children into defenders of Lima's birds

  • Published on July 31, 2022

With the aim of continuing to strengthen the commitment of children to the protection of urban birds, 34 girls and boys participated in the third edition of the Little Ornithologists program. To date, there are already 128 participants who have committed to defending, educating and raising public awareness about the city's birds.

The initiative had the participation of children between 7 and 12 years old, who learned, through 5 modules and 1 field trip, the main characteristics of birds, what roles they play in the conservation of ecosystems, their correct observation and identification, and what practices they can develop from their community to contribute to their care.

As part of the activities, the participants carried out crafts and practical exercises in which they showed all their creativity and learned about the physical characteristics of birds (plumage and color), their diet, behavior, vocalizations or sounds, and habitat.

It should be noted that, at the beginning of the initiative, 51% of the participants recognized the most common birds in the city, such as the rufous-bellied hummingbird, the turtupilín, and the black-headed buzzard, among others. When finished, it was more than 80%. Likewise, 60% of them were part of the Global Big Day Lima, one of the largest international bird-watching events in the world, along with their families, contributing with their findings to Peru obtaining second place.

With this type of initiative, the Municipality of Lima recognizes boys and girls as key actors in the sustainable development of the city; and commits to continue promoting them in order to strengthen the leadership and agency of this population for the conservation of urban biodiversity.

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