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Let’s avoid greenwashing: Green Marketing Challenge launched

  • Published on July 5, 2023

Based on the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information, UNEP, with support from United Nations System Staff College, the German Ministry for the Environment and International Climate Initiative, developed a fun, interactive challenge to help communicators and businesses better identify product claims that are more likely to empower sustainable consumption decisions and avoid greenwashing. 

This Green Marketing Challenge serves to offer professionals clear guidance on making effective, trustworthy claims to consumers, on product-related sustainability information. This Challenge aims to address the lack of international guidance and agreement on how to convey consumer information through a comprehensive set of high-level principles, ranging from fundamental to aspirational, and guidance on how to apply them. It is implementable for companies of all sizes and the target audience includes communicators, marketers, designers, providers of information, as well as those that regulate and analyze consumer information (e.g. governments, certification bodies, NGOs).

? Who is it for? All brands, marketing and communication professionals, as well as students


How long does it take? 2 hours maximum


?Earn NOW your Apprentice, Advisor or Ambassador Green Claims Badge!


➡️ Where can I access it? Enter the challenge here.


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