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Launch of the 'No Victims For Fashion' campaign

  • Published on May 10, 2019
Campaign by DNA Merch to support garment workers in Bangladesh

6 years after ‘Rana Plaza’, the biggest and deadliest factory collapse in the history of the fashion industry, working conditions for garment workers in Bangladesh continue to fail to align with basic human rights. Thousands of Bangladeshi workers who make our clothes under inhumane conditions are being fired, persecuted by the police and brought to court based on false and arbitrary allegations, just because they demand a higher minimum wage. 

DNA Merch, a partner in our Consumer Information programme, launched the ‘No Victims For Fashion!’ campaign to support garment workers in Bangladesh. Through the campaign’s website, support for workers can be offered through purchasing fairly sewed T-shirts or open donation until 4 June. All proceeds go directly to Bangladesh to support legal costs, in cooperation the National Garment Workers Federation.


  • To receive as many as possible shirt orders and free amounts to be able to support as many as possible affected workers
  • Getting as much attention as we can, most importantly online and on social media, so dear people we kindly ask you to share the campaign and spread the word widely

Funding goal: 9,000 €

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Unsplash - Jezael Melgoza

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