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Increasing knowledge on ecolabelling: Our new training programme

  • Published on February 3, 2022

The training programme was delivered through 8 modules over 5 days in January 2022 to improve the understanding of the ecolabelling concept, policies, and operational set-up for all stakeholder groups.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in collaboration with the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) has developed a new Ecolabelling Handbook and Training Programme. Drawing on UNEP’s Training Handbook Ecolabelling: What it is & How to do it (2009), and the expertise of Consumer Information programme Working Group 2 and GEN members, the objective is to help stakeholders build knowledge in all aspects of ecolabelling and understand the environmental impacts and importance of using credible labelling. This programme was also useful for manufacturers and auditors to discover the mechanisms of ecolabels and how to ensure success.

The training programme was delivered through 8 modules over 5 days in January 2022. A total of 37 participants from 24 countries joined the courses. We were happy to have Kate Harris from GEN to host the programme, and we were also grateful to count on the participation of key speakers, such as Jenny Hillard: Author of first ISO 14024, one of the most important global standards for ecolabelling, Bjorn- Erik Lonn: Chair of GEN, a global network of environmentally friendly certification and labelling organizations and Yulia Gracheva: Director of the Ecological Union, one of the leading Russian non-commercial organizations in the field of environmental protection.

Main topics of the courses included:

l  What are ecolabels

l  Why and how eco-labels contribute to environmental outcomes;

l  How eco-labels are applied to product groups;

l  The governance (policies & procedures) required to ensure credible certification;

l  The successful market transformation through ecolabelled products;

l  The role of stakeholders including governments and civil society organizations in promoting and increasing the effectiveness of eco-labels.

We will be delivering this training again, so please stay tuned if you are interested.  If you are interested in delivering this training in your own network, please reach out to us ( we will be happy to discuss.

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