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IGPN Survey on Environmentally Friendly Product/Service and Green Purchasing to Tackle Climate Change

  • Published on December 2, 2021

The International Green Purchasing Network launch survey to share knowledge, intends to provide implementation suggestions by using climate action and sustainable consumption and production in an integrated and coherent approach.

The International Green Purchasing Network launches the Survey on Environmentally friendly products/services and Green Purchasing to Tackle Climate Change, please submit your response until March 30th,2022.

The survey aims to share knowledge among IGPN members and partners, provide implementation suggestions by using climate action and sustainable consumption and production in an integrated and coherent approach. The intention is to achieve this through the collection, comparison, analysis, and evaluation of existing practices of environmentally friendly products/services and green purchasing initiatives in addressing the climate change issue.

Climate change presents the most significant global challenge people face at present. As it directly influences the natural resources and ecological system, pursuing climate action and sustainable development in an integrated and coherent approach have steadily emerged into the implementation, in order to enable countries to achieve their objectives efficiently and quickly. So far, regulations and policies tackling climate change, GHG emission control, low carbon green development and carbon tax etc. are issued in about 20 countries and areas. Along with the development of technology, new materials, production methods, automation and energy generation methods, and other products/services are constantly devised and generated, implicating that the approach to tackle climate change has gradually expanded from energy conversion to all aspects for production and consumption and life styles of human beings.

In order to better understand what role green purchasing will play in tackling climate change, applied scenarios are collected and analyzed taking into account the variations in the private, business, market and public sectors.

The scope of the survey includes, but is not limited to, members of the International Green Purchasing Network-IGPN; however, any actual practical practice is  welcome:

Sector: including producing and manufacturing; energy and transportation; planting and breeding; cooling and heating

Environmentally friendly products/services: including adoption of new energy sources, new materials, new production methods and automation methods;

Green Purchasing: including policies, measures, methods and existing practices favoring green procurement tools to address climate change.

The expected output will be a research report summarizing all best practices.

The Deadline to reply is March 30th, 2022.Please download the document for more details and to share your practical approach for addressing climate change.

Learn more at the IGPN Website.

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