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How to foster experiential tourism at the Brazilian Savannah

  • Published on December 29, 2022

Taking into account the businesses presented by the groups at the São João and Teijin settlements (Cerrado - Braziliann Savannah) in the fields of experiential tourism, gastronomy and honey production, this project had as its main objective the co-creation of a tourism itinerary that integrates all these activities so that the whole community prospers connected with the biome and its natural and cultural assets.

The project has the following specific objectives:

  • Co-Create the Cerrado Circular Route together with local leaders
  • Connect the businesses presented by the 6 groups in the areas of experiential tourism, gastronomy and honey production
  • Transform the itinerary into an experiential tourism product that brings income and belonging to all families involved
  • Strengthen the connection of settlements with the biome and its natural assets
  • Insert the settlements in the region's tourism program, considering Nova Andradina, Vale do Ivinhema and Cerrado itineraries.

The field work in the São João and Teijin settlements (Brazilian Savannah in Mato Grosso do Sul) carried out on October and December, as well as  the Experiential Tourism Workshop, had the following objectives:

  • Valuing and strengthening the local community, its culture and experiences, which can be shared with tourists who seek transformative and purposeful trips, aligned with sustainability, with the SDGs, with the appreciation of cultural traditions and with the preservation of the Cerrado in Pé .
  • Valuing the Cerrado in Pé biome and the importance of preserving its ecosystem
  • Encourage leaders and the community about the possibilities of experiential tourism in the region
  • Motivate the population of settlements to find new sources of income through experiential tourism.

During the workshop, participants gathered in groups of 3 to 5 people and suggested various actions and activities classified  with the following criteria:


  • Motivating theme: if the activity is classified as Motivating Theme, it means that it is the theme that will attract tourists to carry out this particular activity. It is the “umbrella” of the script, that is, it will define the target public and the marketing and sales strategy, and will use the support structures to make it happen effectively.
  • Support: infrastructure activities that work for any motivating theme, being the “operational heart” of tourism, linked to the visitor’s functional day-to-day
  • Others: themes that emerged in the panel and are not necessarily linked to experiential tourism


  • Polem - idea phase, there is no infrastructure or activity happening yet
  • Seed - there is an infrastructure with possible potential, but the activity has not yet started
  • Fruit - there is a basic infrastructure and the activity is already being carried out, with low local amplitude
  • Flower - there is a basic infrastructure and the activity is already being carried out, with a broader scope and potential to grow

Potential:  Low, medium or high. It considers the potential of the place aligned with the necessary infrastructure gaps and the public expected for this type of tourism.

As a result of the workshop, we identified that the region has potential for experiential tourism, mainly for:

  • Bird watching
  • Cycle tourism, using the main roads within the settlements or secondary roads to be opened on trails through the forest
  • Interpretive trails and environmental education
  • Harvesting and planting workshops, reinforcing the importance of agroforestry and the standing cerrado, as in the case of guavira (November)
  • Cerrado cuisine and medicinal herbs
  • Motor home reception (suggested location: São João headquarters)


About the Circular Cerrado Program

Organized by Climate Smart, an institute dedicated to promoting pro-climate business, by Cooperapoms (Mato Grosso do Sul Agroecology Network) and Cerrado Guarani Institute. In partnership with UFGD (Federal University of Grande Dourados), CETAF (Family Agriculture Training Center), Novas(NOVAS) (Women of the Cerrado in Action) and Nova Andradina City Hall. The first phase of the program was made possible by the support of the visionary sponsor Fundação Rabo da Holanda.

Ocean Eyes Productions was responsible for the Sustainable Tourism Education during phase 1 of the Circular Cerrado Program. 


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