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Dominican Republic: Plastic waste chokes surfers' paradise

  • Published on August 10, 2021

Dominican Republic: Plastic waste chokes surfers' paradise – Video developed by Global Ideas. Global Ideas is one of the world's most comprehensive multimedia sites reporting on protection of climate and biodiversity around the globe. Global Ideas features people, ideas and projects dedicated to climate protection and adaptation.


Watch the video here.

The Dominican Republic markets itself as a tropical vacation paradise. But behind the scenes lie heaps of trash from mass tourism. People like Eddy Rosado and the UN Environment Programme are trying to shrink the Caribbean nation's garbage dumps. The video highlights the Dominican Republic’s major issues around single-use plastics and key insights from various tourism stakeholders in the country. It also showcases some projects like the IKI-funded Transforming Tourism Value Chains one which is tackling the issue and supporting businesses to reduce GHG emissions and improve resource efficiency.

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