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Detectives for a Clean Lima: Children deliver ecological bricks to build a more sustainable city

  • Published on July 31, 2022

In order for more schoolchildren to identify with the main environmental challenges of the city and alternative solutions from their schools and homes, the Municipality of Lima received 30 ecological bricks built by the participants of the first class of the Detectives for a Clean Lima program.

Through this program, boys and girls from 7 to 12 years old participated in the Eco-building initiative, which seeks to raise awareness about caring for the environment, promoting the culture of segregation and the correct disposal of waste.

The kids collected eco-bricks that are made from plastic bottles packed with clean, dry, used plastic items to make the block usable over and over again. These can be used to manufacture modular furniture, garden spaces, walls, houses, community centers, and thus promote the recovery of spaces by and for the residents of the city.

The Detectives for a Clean Lima program seeks to promote scientific research on the problem of solid waste in homes, with a theoretical-practical approach, to conceptualize and design strategies and mitigate the impact of waste on the environment. For this reason, the program promotes the identification, segregation and reuse of the largest amount of waste generated at home.

The Municipality of Lima reinforces its commitment to initiatives and programs that seek to educate about environment, with the firm objective of forming a sustainable, resilient and inclusive city.

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