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Costa Navarino - Navarino Natura Hall - WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Winner 2014

  • Published on October 21, 2014
Costa Navarino is the prime sustainable destination in the Mediterranean, located in the Greek region of Messinia, southwest Peloponnese. Its philosophy is driven by a genuine desire to promote this region, while protecting and preserving its natural beauty and heritage. It combines more than 4,500 years of history, culturally significant monuments, internationally-renowned brands, a virgin, protected environment and unique experiences, both contemporary and traditional. The destination has a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility, aiming at a sustainable tourism development in harmony with the natural environment and local communities of Messinia. Navarino Natura Hall is the interactive environmental exhibition centre dedicated to the nature of Messinia, that not only informs visitors, students and locals about the uniqueness and beauty of the natural habitats of the region, but also gives the opportunity to familiarise themselves with environmental issues.

To inform guests at Costa Navarino and act as a first step of getting to know the local environment, to engage students in how they learn and respect their region, to interact with the local community, to act as means of disseminating scientific research.

Interactive exhibition open to guests of Costa Navarino and also to local community and schools. Educational programs for local schools. Participation in International Museum Day. More than 2,000 students have already participated in the educational program that was established together with the University of Peloponnese, since 2011. More than 30,000 guests staying at Costa Navarino, visit the center during their stay. Diversify the educational program, to welcome more students in the future

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