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Chepu Adventures - WTTC Tourism For Tomorrow Award Finalist

  • Published on October 3, 2014
Sustainable EcoLodge on Chiloe Island. Nature is our main supplier, our water comes from the rain and our energy from the wind and sun. To keep a sustainable operation we have designed electronic tools to allow guest to know their water and energy consuption on real time to make them aware. Establishing ecolimits(max ammount of water and energy a guest can use in a daily basis)we can keep a sustainable operation in which everybody participate, the Lodge and the guests.
How to keep a Sustainable operation on a Sustainable EcoLodge with the participation of your guests.
Through the development of an Innovative and Sustainable Tourism, be able to be referents for Sustainability in Chile, promoting the development of local Sustainable Tourism as a base for environmental and social changes to impulse local economy as well as the protection of nature by means of a ZOIT (Zona de Interés Turístico, in english, Area of Touristic Interest).
To offer national and international tourists an interactive experience in Sustainable Tourism based on educative & safe activities to enjoy the natural way our unique environment, the stunning setting, as well as to share, protect, and preserve its pristine beauty, by promoting low impact tourism in the area.
Chepu Adventures EcoLodge offers the opportunity to experience and enjoy nature while reducing your carbon footprint from travelling, by living in a sustainable way since your arrival : paperless operation, digital check in with pinky fingerprint signature , using only rain water in bathrooms and kitchen with the use of special rain-collectors and saving water in a well and large water tanks, solar water heaters to provide hot water for showers and kitchen, electricity provided by wind and solar energy - handling lights with Domotics for higher performance, independent insulated rooms with comfortable beds and soft white linens with the aromas of nature after they have been dried out to the fresh air, and our home cuisine with organic and natural products provided by local green houses and family farming. Establishment of the concept of Eco-Limits (max amount of water & energy) guests can use during their stay. Eco Limits vary depending on sun, wind, water & reservoirs, season and amount of guests in the lodge. This is to keep our lodge in sustainable operation. These limits will vary depending the hotel, lodge, etc. Water conservation is a 'hot topic' in tourism, and in certain parts of the world the water footprint presents a great challenge. Chepu Adventures Eco Lodge, located at Chepu, Chiloe Island, Insular Patagonia, in the south of Chile, has developed a water & energy conservation project. At the Eco Lodge, out of the grid (water comes entirely from rainwater recovery and energy from wind and sun), this innovative system was designed, financed and developed by Chepu Adventures, step by step with help of volunteers and comments from our guests. The system consists in showing this information in a 7” tablet screen in each eco room, which displays two virtual dials, with water and energy consumption to show eco limits in a different color. A third dial will be added in the near future to show their individual Carbon Footprint. We have sensors in every single water and electric source, as well as temperature controllers all connected in a special wi-fi net. Individual and total information is available to everybody in a screen at our main hall, where guests can see general and individual energy and water production &/or consumption. Detailed information makes people aware and also willing to keep Eco Limits and a friendly eco behavior. All monitored information is kept as part of our statistics, and available to each customer with their individual information at the end of their stay. This information allows guests to learn how to keep their savings at home and continue with the eco practices and eco behaviour and discuss or compare them with friends & family. In the future, this detailed consumption information will be included in the paperless form with final account given to our guests. As a consequence of our Sustainability certifications with Green Globe and Sernatur (government organization) we have been invited to do some lectures about sustainability and our experience to large groups of tourism related companies. We have become referents in Chile in sustainability and how to change life with better practices. Loving and protecting nature has allowed us to design this method and concept of sustainability, achieving over 95% of Green Globe criteria. Email: Post: Casilla 402 Correo Ancud - Chiloe - X Region - Chile Skype: chepu.adventures Call us! When calling from outside Chile: 56 9 9227 4517 or 56 9 9379 2481 When calling from a landline in Chile: 09 9227 4517 or 09 9379 2481 When calling from a Chilean mobile phone: 9227 4517 or 9379 2481

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