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CEC participating in standard development for GPP on delivery and packaging

  • Published on June 29, 2020
A New Environmental Guardian Certification Program launched in China by CEC

The Chinese Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Ecology and Environment and State Post Bureau jointly develop Standard for Express Delivery Package of Government Procurement Demand and Standard for Goods Package of Government Procurement Demand in order to promote green production and consumption. China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC) was involved in providing the technical support. 

The Standards focusses on items such as envelope, tape, face sheet, carton/bag, filler, shipping bag and container in delivery process as well as plastic, paper and wooden of package products. The hazardous substances, heavy metals and VOCs contents etc. will be limited by the standards requirement.   

The standards was officially published and trialed in GPP partly or fully. Looking ahead it may be expected to turn into compulsory standards.

The first certificate of Environmental Guardian Certification program for furniture products was issued by CEC on May 25th with its portfolio of stricter index requirements, stronger leadership and more comprehensive life-cycle assessment (LCA) considerations.

Based on China Environmental Labeling certification practice of the past more than 20 years and combined with the methodology of evaluation on green supply chain management, China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC) has developed this Environmental Guardian Certification Program for Furniture Products as a new approach.

The new certification program aims to provide public with more green ecological products, help improve environmental performances, promote green and low carbon development of furniture industry in China.

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