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Autumn Station-developments in the Ecological Farm and Bird-Nest Box Station

  • Published on November 8, 2022

We have expanded our biodiversity preservation program with dozens of animal protection tools so that our birds can fly into the cold seasons with the greatest possible support...

Bat houses and predator houses, fruits and fat substitutes, organic cotton and squirrel boxes have also arrived at the farm - we thought of all living things!

And why is this good for our production system? Because the species-rich environment and the multitude of diverse living things bring new life to the ecosystem, and we can produce healthier fruits in a healthier environment.

How? Read more!


In the last weeks of October, we celebrated not only bats, but also all pollinators and birds!

We help them get through the cold winter evenings by installing weatherproof bird-boxes, for which we also put organic cotton on the trees of the farm. In this way, the birds that visit and spend the night here can hide from the cold so that they can start their journey to find food the next day with renewed strength.

But the farm's other wild animals also benefited from hiding places: squirrels, bats, hedgehogs, lizards and birds of prey all got new homes.

We have expanded the colony with several bird feeders so that all bird species can find food to their liking: a variety of fats, small seeds, fruit feeders and wire feeders will also help them in the winter months.

Finally, taking advantage of the autumn planting period, we planted dozens of plants, keeping in mind the requirements of the bird-friendly garden: different canopy levels, berry hedges, evergreens and coniferous species started their new life on the farm, so that within a few years they could create a...

... real garden of Eden for the fantastic indicators of biodiversity- of the birds of the Earth!

In addition to the love, appreciation and preservation of nature, we also hope from the expansion that the environmental progress can be felt already in the next spring production period, and we expect the appearance of new species by the summer, as a result of which the number and form of ecosystem services will certainly increase.

It is an experience above all else to see the revival of nature and an honor to be a part of it.

Don't forget: birds are guardians and secret helpers of the production system! It's up to us how much of this we get to know!


Boglárka Amrein Tamásné Miskolczi

Owner, leader and projekt manager

Ecological Farm and Bird-Nest Box Station

Romonya, Hungary



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