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Sustainable Lifestyles & Circular Economy: Canadian Insights on Motivations

  • Published on November 23, 2020
These profiles - adapted from Finland - shed light on what motivates Canadians to engage in actions aligned with the circular economy.


Join us to explore consumer profiles shedding light on what motivates Canadians to engage in actions aligned with the circular economy.

A strong business case for the circular economy is supported by a better understanding of the mix of motivations beyond the “green” niche. It allows us to expand our target audiences, services and products.

We share our findings to date from Insights work in British Columbia conducted during Covid 19, showing that motivations including caring for family, saving money, health and wellness, and supporting local businesses also lead people to choose circular goods and services (e.g. buying quality products that can be repaired, sharing or buying services like mobility, and engaging with the second-hand economy).

This Canadian project is an adaptation of the SITRA "Smart Consumption Profiles" study in Finland, as well as their insights project on market-shaping youth.

This Side Event is part of the World Circular Economy Forum online.

Time: 18:00-19:30 UTC 3 / 08:00 - 09:30 PST

Organisers: OneEarthShare Reuse Repair InitiativeVancity Credit Union, The Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA’s Shift 1.5 Network / Mighty Network.

Lead Sponsors of the insights work: Vancity Credit Union and SITRA (Finnish Innovation Fund) with Co-Sponsors: Modo (car sharing), HUB (Your Cycling Connection), River Select Fisheries Cooperative, the Rebuild Hub (Unbuilders and Habitat for Humanity Restore), Kambo Energy Group (which owns and operates the Empower Me social enterprise) and the Vancouver Foundation.


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