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Students Workshop 2017

EEG organised its annual Students’ Workshop on the theme–‘Sustainable Development Goals: Goals, Ideas, Voices and Expressions #GIVE’. The 4-day workshop catered to different age groups: Juniors (Classes 5-6), Sub-Seniors (Classes 7-9), Seniors (Classes 10-12) and Undergraduate level. The activities of the Workshop were designed to engage students and drive them to be actively involved in initiatives that are aimed at conserving resources and the preservation of the environment.
The main objectives of the Students’ Workshop are: • To offer the students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge base and sharpen their environmental skills. • To develop the skills needed to evaluate and suggest alternative actions to resolve environmental problems and be better citizens of tomorrow. • To motivate the students to enhance the overall quality of the environment and guide them towards responsible, consumption habits. • To afford the participating institutions the opportunity to build up channels of communication and networking. • To empower and enable the students to incorporate sustainable living habits in their academic and personal lives, to make them responsible future citizens. • To recognise the contribution made by young people and distinguish themselves in the field of environmental protection 2017 was declared as the ‘Year of Giving’ by the President of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Thus, EEG aligned its 2017 Students’ Workshop to incorporate this wonderful initiative, while empowering students with the right skills and tools to make a difference in the world. The 2017 cycle of the Students’ Workshop saw the participation of 515 students from academic institutions all over the UAE. The 4-day Workshop consisted of interactive brain storming sessions, debates, discussions and hands-on practical exercises and ample networking opportunities for the students and the faculty members as well. Since its inception in 2001, the Students’ Workshop has grown in leaps and bounds. The 2017 cycle saw the participation of 432 students and 83 teachers from across the country. This platform allows each school / college to send a maximum of 5 students to give the opportunity for the highest number of academia to participate. This growth in participation has been demonstrated in the following data: • 2001:13 academic institutions, 72 students and 17 teachers • 2004: 55 academic institutions, 250 students and 75 teachers • 2006: 65 academic institutions, 350 students and 105 teachers • 2017: 87 academic institutions, 432 students and 83 teachers This is one of EEG’s most popular and eagerly awaited programmes in the year. It has always garnered great interest from schools across the UAE. However, we would like to invite the private sector and civil society organisations on board to aid in expanding the reach of the programme beyond the borders of the UAE. Our plans include: • Invite students and teachers from neighbouring Arab countries • Invite regional and international expert speakers to facilitate sessions • Offer participating students with more props/tools etc. during the sessions to be able to tackle actual challenges, come up with innovative solutions and develop actual pilot projects. Thus, we look forward to like-minded organisations coming on board to work with us in this highly impactful programme.
Published on January 10, 2018

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