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Presenting the main findings and conclusions of the 2022 Sustainable Public Procurement Global Review, January 26, 2023

The objective of the event is to present the main findings and conclusions of the 2022 Sustainable Public Procurement Global Review.

In December 2022, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released the third edition of the Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) Global Review. This webinar featured the lead authors of the publication, reporting on the main findings and conclusions of their respective chapters. Topics covered include: a summary of the key findings and recommendations; the current state of sustainable procurement and emerging trends; progress in national governments; sustainable procurement in the private sector; sustainable procurement in the United Nations; and the role of international organizations, networks and academia.



·         Agnes Wierzbicki, Consultant, UNOPS

·         Farid Yaker, Programme Officer, UNEP


Topics/chapters, speakers and presentations:

·         Opening remarks - Elisa Tonda, Chief of the Resources and Markets Branch, Economy Division, UNEP

·         Background and main takeaways (Executive summary and Chapter 1) - Farid Yaker, Programme Officer, UNEP

·         Global trends in sustainable procurement (Chapter 2) - Jellie Molino, Sustainable Public Procurement consultant, UNEP

·         Progress in sustainable procurement in national governments (Chapter 3) - Aure Adell, Sustainable Procurement Expert at ECPAR

·         Key recommendations (Chapter 4) - Nicole Darnall, Foundation Professor of Management and Public Policy, Arizona State University (ASU) and Director and Co-founder of ASU’s Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative & Justin Stritch, Associate Professor of Public Affairs, Arizona State University (ASU) and Senior Research Affiliate at the Center for Organization Research and Design

·         Diffusion of sustainable procurement to the private sector (Chapter 5) - Luc Brès, Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration, Laval University, Québec

·         Sustainable procurement in intergovernmental organizations (Chapter 6) – Carsten Hansen, Co-Chair of the UN Inter-Agency Working Group on Sustainable Procurement

·         Support organization, academia and networks (Chapter 7) - Roberto Caranta, Professor at the Law Department, University of Turin, Italy; and Coordinator of Sustainability and Procurement in International, European, and National Systems (SAPIENS) International Training Network



Published on January 30, 2023

Supporting document(s)

1. Farid Yaker - Final PPT 0.pdf
2. Darnall %26 Stritch - Final PPT 0.pdf
3. Jellie Molino - Final PPT.pdf
4. Aure Adell - Final PPT.pdf
5. Luc Bres - Final PPT.pdf
6. Carsten - Final PPT.pdf
7. Roberto Caranta - Final PPT.pdf
Event start date
01:00 pm
Event end date
03:00 pm

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