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The Nordic Launch of Sustainable Lifestyle Programme During COP 26

How can we engage the Nordic citizens in living sustainably?

The reason behind this programme is sustainable consumption because this is where the Nordic countries lack the most due to their lifestyles. Going forward, this is one of their biggest challenges across the entire Nordic region. The discussion covers different lifestyle shifts to become more sustainable within the Nordic region, and how changes are feasible in the Nordic region. The Sustainable Lifestyle 4-year program in the Nordic region was designed to go beyond the policies and use knowledge and research to impliment changes. This program has 6 specific projects, including an education specific program. 

Published on February 16, 2022


Anders Fink

  • Ministry of Environment

Kristin Mattsson

  • Government Offices, Åland

Sabastian Hielm

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland

Solveig Korum

  • Kulturtanken, Norway

Anna Mikander

  • Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland

Karen Dahl Jensen

  • Nordic Ecolabelling

Julian Lo Curlo

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10:15 am
Event end date
11:15 am

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