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Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki: Youth advancing lighter and better living

Join us to discuss the role that the Nordic countries have to play in the shift towards sustainable consumption and production and exchange on the role that individuals and organisations can play as agents of change.

Citizens as consumers have a profound effect on how we shape society. The daily choices we make and how we design our lives are directly linked to how we use resources and impact ecosystems across the globe. Consumption is the main driver of economic growth while increasing consumption is also the main cause of global challenges we face today.  

To reduce consumption's negative climate and environmental impact, we must change how and what we consume. But how do we get there? How can consumption be made more sustainable? What can be done to make it easier for consumers to make climate-smart choices? What is the role of young people as agents of change?

  • Ella Turta, Secretary General at ReGeneration 2030 
  • Kirsi Salonen,  Executive Director at Pro Ethical Trade Finland  
  • Lasse Leipola, Climate policy specialist at Finnwatch 
  • Violetta Massala, Chairperson at ReGeneration 2030 
  • Mikael Heiskanen, Communications Specialist at The Nordic Swan Ecolabel  
  • Isaac Parkes, ReGeneration 2030 

Organizer: ReGeneration 2030

Published on February 6, 2022

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01:30 pm
Event end date
02:15 pm

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