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Healthy diets from sustainable food systems - the foundation for human, social, and economic capital development in Africa

  • To capitalize on the impetus the AU YoN creates to translate the goal of ending malnutrition in all its forms into action, to enhance human, social and economic capital through concrete, comprehensive, and coordinated policies and programmes
  • To promote the HDSFS as a multi-stakeholder platform for accelerated action and peer-to-peer learning to advance the vision of a world where all people are eating healthy diets from sustainable food systems
  • To put the spotlight on tools such as the VGFSN to guide and support the work of the HDSFS to advance implementation of national pathways
  • To foster country-level leadership, regional collaboration and global alignment as key ingredients to transform food systems for the health of people and the planet

Agenda 2063 is Africa’s blueprint and master plan for enhancing human, social and economic development and transforming Africa into a global powerhouse of the future. Essential to achieving this ambition is a healthy, well-nourished population. Findings of the Continental Accountability Scorecard show radical food systems transformation is needed to combat pervasive states of malnutrition. The 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) outcomes are now carried forward through innovative national food systems pathways, supported by the collaborative efforts of Coalitions such as the Coalition of Action on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems (HDSFS). The HDSFS, in particular, looks to support Member States in progressing their pathways and aligning, mobilizing and supporting action to realize the vision of a world where all people eat a healthy diet from sustainable food systems. The African Union Year of Nutrition (AU YoN) provides the perfect platform to accelerate progress through political commitment and greater investments. This side event aims to highlight opportunities to leverage existing CFS-related resources and harnessing the critical role of youth, building on the momentum of the HDSFS and AU YoN and inspiring Member States to increase their commitments towards delivering healthy diets from sustainable food systems.

Published on October 6, 2022

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01:30 pm
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02:45 pm

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