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Visitors to the International Jazz Festival in Nis were introduced to protected areas in Serbia as a destination for eco-tourism and pointed out rare and protected species that depend on the rational use of natural resources because unsustainable use of their habitats can lead to extinction.

All visitors of the Festival were allowed to participate in the event without prior registration.

The program has been implemented by screening videos about protected areas, along with setting up an info desk for talking to experts, organizing prize games and educational playrooms for the youngest in order to inform them and get them acquainted with the areas of nature and natural resources, which if we do not use in a sustainable way, we degrade or even lose permanently.

Within the green zone of the Nisville International Jazz Festival, festival visitors had a unique opportunity to meet representatives of protected areas and arrange visits to protected areas in a way that allows visiting vulnerable natural ecosystems without endangering and gain knowledge about the importance of sustainable use of natural resources on which we all depend.


During the whole event, as well as within the Green Cinema, when the videos on natural resources were screened, we appealed to the public to be responsible tourists. At the same time, the youngest visitors of the festival had the opportunity to learn by drawing and making rare and endangered plants and animals from plasticine and by participating in experiments, that excessive use of natural resources may disrupt natural processes and lead to extinction of some species and even ecosystems.

Programs that are part of these activities are implemented with the goal of educating about:

-           the use of forest, meadow and high-mountain ecosystems/or services they provide to people and the sustainable ways of using these services

-           the ways to conduct a visit to protected natural areas without degrading nature

-           biodiversity as a limited natural resource, the irrational use of which leads to the extinction of species, as well as about the ways we consume and use biodiversity and how to rationally use species from nature


Published on February 12, 2022

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02:05 pm
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