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Fair Digital Finance Forum 2022 – Sustainable Digital Finance

From Monday 14 March – Friday 18 March 2022, Consumers International, co-lead of the Consumer Information Programme, will be hosting their Fair Digital Finance Forum, bringing together digital finance leading voices from consumer advocacy, civil society, government, business, and academia. The Forum will galvanise participants and attendees to accelerate progress towards fair digital finance, presenting consumer protection and empowerment as a catalyst for change. 

Day five of the Forum will be dedicated to the topic of sustainable finance over the course of two interactive online sessions with a range of speakers from across the sustainable finance space. The events will be focused on how consumers can and should be empowered to support and mobilise the green transition, including transformations in how sustainability information is communicated to consumers across financial goods and services. 


The sessions are as follows:


-       Building Sustainable Digital Finance for All – With guest speakers from the Green Digital Finance Alliance, Doconomy, DANA Indonesia, FNZ group, Rabobank, and the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Defence 13:00-14:00 CET | 08:00-09:00 EDT | 20:00-21:00 HKT | 23:00-00:00 AEDT- Register here

-       Sustainable Finance: Our Hidden Superpower to Build a Better World - an Example from Europe – With speakers from Sugi, Tumelo, Make My Money Matter, Triodos Bank and BEUC 15:00-16:00 CET | 10:00-11:00 EDT | 22:00-23:00 HKT | 01:00-02:00 AEDT -  Register here


The forum is open for all to attend – to find out more about the sessions and to register please visit the  Fair Digital Finance Forum programme page here. 



Published on March 14, 2022

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