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EVENT: International Conference of Life Cycle Assessment in Latin America

CILCA 2019 - Life Cycle Assessment: Global Competitiveness

DATE:15 to 20 July

LOCATION: Cartago, Costa Rica.

In 2019, the eight edition of the CILCA Conference of the Iberoamerican Life Cycle Network (RICV) is taking place  in Costa Rica (Cartago). CILCA 2019 is being co-organized with the Association for LCA in Latin America (ALCALA), and the Costa Rica National Life Cycle Network.

The CILCA 2019 has adopted as the overarching central topic “LCA: Global Competitiveness” to frame the discussions and exchanges. It will convene professionals, researchers, decision makers and the public to exchange experiences under the umbrella of life cycle thinking.

Topics include: international agreements, life cycle methodology and its applications to agriculture, buildings and energy sectors, fishing and marine litter, tourism, procurement, education and lifestyles among others. 

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CILCA - International Conference of Life Cycle Assessment in Latin America 

CILCA is a biannual event which takes place in different Latin American countries and gathers experts and interested people around the world. The first conference was held in 2005 in San José de Costa Rica and from there it has followed a very successful journey that includes Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 2007, Pucón (Chile) in 2009, Coatzacoalcos (Mexico) in 2011, Mendoza (Argentina) in 2013 and Lima (Peru) in 2015. It’s highly recognized on an international level and applied for different activities concerning sustainability such as carbon footprint, water footprint, Eco design, Green marketing, sustainable purchases and environmental product declarations, among others.


Unsplash - Joshua Rawson-Harris

Published on February 1, 2019

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