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EVENT: The Digital Hive - Putting Consumers at the Heart of Digital Innovation

Consumers International’s Summit takes plasce in Estoril, Portugal on 30 April – 1 May.

DATE: 30 April – 1 May 2019

LOCATION: Estoril, Portugal

Consumers International’s ‘The Digital Hive: Putting Consumers at the Heart of Digital Innovation’ Summit is taking place this year in Estoril, Portugal on the 30th April – 1st of May. 

"Our world is becoming increasingly digitalised and technology is playing an expanding part in our lives. These possibilities, from mobile payments in Kenya, to smart TVs in Korea, are transforming consumer’s lives. We want to see everyone reap the benefits, opportunities and economic advancements of the digital economy and society. For this to happen, digital developments need to not just be available to more people, but be trusted enough to be integrated in people’s everyday lives. Building trust means involving people more. Consumers’ traditional role as simply buyers of products and services has been expanded in the digital economy, as they share and create content, comment, rank, and exchange ideas. However, despite this, the rapid pace of change in new technology and the concentration of services can leave consumers unclear about what is happening behind the scenes and unsure of their choices. We want to see a digital world that consumers can trust - where access, opportunity, participation and innovation in digital technology flourish for everyone".

Programme in 2019 covers some of the most pressing issues consumers face in the digital world. From consumer choice to data privacy, connected products to access.

Consumers International

Consumers International is a membership organisation for consumer groups around the world with more than 200 members in over 100 countries. Their members are independent not-for-profit consumer groups who every day, achieve life-enhancing improvements for, and with consumers. Many have been the trusted, leading national voices for their consumers for decades and are responsible for dramatic improvements to people’s lives.

Check out more information about the event here.

More infomration on One Planet network Consumer Information Programme is available here:

Published on April 12, 2019

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