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Emerging from global crises by shaping sustainable, resilient, healthy and inclusive food systems

Following the recommendations of the SFS Programme’s 3rd conference and building on the momentum and the findings of the UNFSS, the objectives of the 4th global conference are:
  • To present transformational actions, tools and initiatives that have emerged since the UN FSS.
  • To strengthen the recognition that food systems must be embedded and holistically addressed in all relevant multilateral agreements and policy fora, particularly in the Rio Conventions.
  • To further promote the food systems approach and inclusive governance and collaboration at all levels with a view to foster their uptake in national and local policy-making processes, with a special focus on the Asia region; and
  • To provide a space for National Convenors, UNFSS coalitions and other relevant multi-actor initiatives as well as further food systems actors, to deepen their collective efforts towards sustainable food systems pathways, in view of the UNFSS 2023 Stock-Taking Moment.
In preparation for the 2023 Stock-Taking Moment of the UN Food Systems Summit’s (UN FSS) follow-up process, the 4th global conference of the SFS Programme will look at how food systems need to be transformed to overcome the range of interrelated crises that are afflicting the planet, in order to minimize the risk of global collapse and achieve the SDGs.
In first place, the conference will explore and shed light on the set of barriers and bottlenecks that are still putting a halt to food systems transformation. Secondly, the conference will discuss the range of urgent and long-term systemic solutions and release a series of actionable recommendations with a focus on the following four broad key levers:
    • The global architecture for food systems
    • National and sub-national governance and policies
    • Consumption and production patterns
    • Means of implementation
To this end, the conference will showcase good examples of initiatives linked to the implementation of National Pathways for Food Systems Transformation, including by national and sub-national governments as wells UN FSS coalitions and other initiatives that are part of the Food Systems Coordination Hub’s “ecosystem of support”.
In addition, the conference will discuss how progress on shaping sustainable, resilient, healthy and inclusive food systems in the context of the UN FSS follow-up process can be properly measured in view of the UN FSS 2023 Stock-Taking Moment and beyond.
The expected outcomes of the conference are:
  • Evidence-based recommendations on a range of transformational actions to promote sustainable food systems in support of National Pathways, with a focus on inclusive governance and collaboration, integrated policies and means of implementation; and
  • The linkages between National Convenors and the National Pathways on the one hand, and the Food Systems Coordination Hub’s broader ecosystem of support - including the UNFSS coalitions and other relevant initiatives such as the SFS Programme – on the other hand, are strengthened.
  • Consultations in preparation of the UNFSS 2023 Stock-Taking Moment have been held.
  • Presentation of actions, initiatives and tools to support the acceleration of collective efforts that can help catalyze implementation of sustainable food systems pathways.
  • Announcement of progress/commitments/new processes by countries or stakeholders.
Published on October 14, 2022

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