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COP27: Understanding the concept of LiFE (Lifestyles for Environment)

India, who is now heading the G20, has launched an Initiative called LiFE that addresses how people can look at their lifestyles and make more sustainable liviing decisions that positively affect climate change. The One Planet Network, with a strong focus on sustainable lifestyles, has a LiveLifeBetter Campaign planned for 2023. 

Given the Indian LiFE initiative, both UNEP teams are working with the UNEP India office on synergies. The event is the beginning of cooperation anticipated in 2023 +. 


The topic is closely linked to UNEP’s work on sustainable lifestyles, and contributes to sub-programmes on climate, nature, and chemicals and pollution action. ED’s participation at the event will strengthen UNEP’s role in shaping this initiative

Published on November 10, 2022


Mr. Parameshwaran Iyer

  • CEO
  • NITI Aayog

Ms. Ahuna Eziakonwa

  • Assistant Administrator and Regional Director for Africa
  • UNDP

Ms. Inger Andersen

  • Executive Director
  • United Nations Environment Programme

Mr. Simon Stiell

  • Executive Secretary

Executive Secretary

  • Minister of Environment, Forest & Climate Change
  • Government of India

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Event start date
09:00 am
Event end date
11:30 am

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