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Clothing Swap Day!

Clothing Swap Day at Kungshomens Library, Stockholm, between 12pm-3pm.

From 12pm-1pm, you can exchange one or several articles of clothing. They must be adult clothing – we do not take children’s clothing, bags or shoes – and be new or freshly washed. Library staff will decide which articles of clothing we can take and which you cannot exchange. You will receive a “clothing ticket” for every item you submit. You can exchange up to five articles of clothing.

From 1:15pm-1:55pm, you can listen an exciting lecture on sustainable consumption by Fedra Vanhuyse, PhD, Head of Division for Societies, Climate and Policy Support at SEI. The lecture will be held in English.

From 2pm-3pm, you can browse through the clothes that everyone has submitted. When you find something that suits you, you can exchange your ticket for an article of clothing!


Swedes continue to consume clothes at levels that are unsustainable for the environment. Each person buys around 10 kg of new clothes every year. It is a large environment benefit when clothes are exchanged instead and used longer.

The production of clothes and textiles account for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

To extend the lifespan of clothes amounts to a large environment benefit. Before the pandemic, 17 000 people participated in “Sweden’s largest clothing swap day” around Sweden and 58 000 articles of clothing found new owners. That resulted in a large savings for the environment in the form of water, CO2and chemicals

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation encourages all Kungsholmen residents to clean out their wardrobes, bring clothes in good condition and come to the clothing swap day.

Published on June 15, 2022

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Event start date
10:00 am
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01:00 pm

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