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Carbon Removal in the Hospitality Sector

Join us for a free, practical session on carbon removal in the hospitality industry for hospitality leaders building climate strategies in their businesses and sustainable travel professionals.

This session provides guidance for hospitality businesses working through the recently released Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality and supports the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action. 

Come away informed and inspired to make meaningful climate contributions through your own business practices along with ideas for how the influences of your commitments can be extended through customer engagement.

In this practical and informative 1 hour session you will learn:

  • Why carbon removal is a necessary component to restoring our climate
  • Different types of carbon removal, along with key storage concepts relevant to evaluating climate investments
  • How carbon removal activities can be placed in your strategy, by de-coupling carbon removal commitments from emissions measurement activities
  • How one exciting frontier carbon removal technology (enhanced weathering through coastal carbon capture) works
  • Knowledge of resources and people to contact for more information


Nearly all pathways that hold global warming well below 2 °C involve carbon removal (IPCC, 2015). At the highest policy levels and within our individual spheres of influence, the question is not one of ‘whether carbon removal’ but rather ‘in what amount within my portfolio’ and 'how'?


This session will support businesses to learn more about why carbon removal is a necessary component if we are to reach the targets set by the Paris Agreement, and provide practical guidance on the types of options available to the industry, and how these can be effectively incorporated into a climate strategy.




Published on May 9, 2022


Claire Whitely

Claire oversees the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’s environmental sustainability strategy, including their work on climate action, water stewardship and responsible resourcing. She led the development of the Alliance’s Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality and drives collaborative action to enable the whole hospitality industry to have a lasting positive impact on our planet. Claire previously spent nearly a decade at Hilton leading their water stewardship efforts and creating global behavior change campaigns, as well as leading initiatives focused on issues such as single-use plastic reduction and responsible sourcing.

Christina Beckmann

Christina Beckmann is the VP Global Strategy at the Adventure Travel Trade Association and a Co-Founder at Tomorrow's Air, the world's first carbon removal collective uniting travel businesses and travelers for carbon removal with permanent storage. With twenty years’ experience in sustainable tourism, Christina brings expertise, creativity and diverse network of relationships to support her work. A former management consultant, Christina has worked in more than 30 countries on projects for clients including national governments, philanthropic foundations and local entrepreneurs with have environmental sustainability at their core.

David Hone

  • Climate Change Adviser

David Hone is the author of Putting the Genie Back: Solving the Energy Dilemma, a book that explores the climate issue from its very beginnings through to the end of end of the 21st Century and looks in depth at the transition challenge we collectively face. Generous with his time, David frequently speaks to a range of industry audiences, including in the travel and tourism sector addressing the audience gathered at WTTC's Travel & Tourism Climate & Environment Action Forum.

Kelly Erhart

Kelly Erhart is Co-founder and President of Project Vesta, a company advancing the science of Coastal Carbon Capture to permanently sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) and reverse ocean acidification. She has a faceted and multidisciplinary background. Kelly’s work in the last few years has focused on the commercialization of sustainable technologies and climate solutions through both non-profit and for-profit endeavors. She started a waterless bio filtration toilet company, commercialization strategies for direct air capture, consulted across multiple climate solutions, and helped start a regenerative agriculture nonprofit organization.

Bryan Jauregi

  • Owner
  • Los Colibris Casitas

Bryan and her husband Sergio own and operate a boutique hotel in Todos Santos, Los Colibris Casitas and are the creators of two luxury tent camps: award-winning Camp Cecil de la Isla on Isla Espiritu Santo and Camp Cecil de la Sierra in the Sierra La Laguna Biosphere Reserve. Since inception, their goal has been to inspire travelers, maximize social and economic benefits for the local community, help conserve the great natural beauty of Baja Sur, and encourage others to do the same. They are the only Mexican tour operator member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and they are founding members of the Zero Waste Alliance of Todos Santos.
Event start date
02:00 pm
Event end date
03:00 pm

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