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ASEAN Leaders Programme Jakarta 2016 - 23 till 26 August 2016

The programme centres on a compelling leadership challenge that is real, significant, and critically impacts the growth of ASEAN and the success of its people. Senior leaders from the ten countries will address the challenges and find innovative solutions through collaboration.
The ASEAN Leaders Programme aims to help leaders build strong connections, share knowledge and develop the cultural intelligence required to grow ASEAN's cities, realize the immense potential of the ASEAN Community and secure the future of its people for generations. The Programme brings together a unique group of senior leaders from the different sectors and backgrounds across the ASEAN region. The different perspectives that they bring from across the region enrich discussions and enable innovative approaches to problem-solving. The Programme provides participants with a framework to improve their leadership skills, meet challenges and opportunities in the region and contribute to innovative and sustainable growth critical to its future. The programme centres on a compelling Challenge that is real, significant and critically impacts the growth of ASEAN and the success of its people. It underpins the leadership learning on the programme. Participants from the ASEAN region tackle the Challenge and collaborate in real time and space to develop practical proposals.
Published on November 28, 2017


Usha Iyer-Raniga

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Event start date
11:00 pm
Event end date
07:00 am

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