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Share the latest policy progress of NZEB , what is the goal in each economies responding to COP21 and is there any goal on building or NZEB was set up. The comprehensive analysis on the building energy reduction goals between UN and APEC 2035 energy intensity target will be taken as the basis and a medium to long-term goal will be proposed to support NZEB development throughout APEC regions.  Share the latest research outcome and best practice information of NZEB  The policy and technology priority list in each economy in NZEB. The collection of detailed and latest information on NZEB policies, promoting programs, best practices, and technical roadmaps will finally form the APEC NZEB Policy Priority List. By integrating the existed progress among 4 APEC economies, this program will harmonize the Nearly/Net Zero Energy Roadmap within the APEC region, provide accessible methods and target to achieve NZEB in all climatic zones, prioritize a list of recommendations for APEC economies to fast track the goal of NZEB.  What is the suggestion of APEC goal on NZEB and what work could happen between members through APEC to contribute towards achievement such a goal.
The government officials and regulators–they are the direct beneficiaries of this project since the responsibility of policy and regulation in building construction and energy efficiency. They will receive a more detailed account of NZEB developing condition throughout the APEC region and thus be in a better position to efficiently contribute to the future harmonization of their respective policies towards NZEB. E.g. Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China, Department of Energy of USA, Natural Resource Canada, Korea Energy Management Corporation and Department of Environment and Energy of Australia.  Codes and Standards making bodies – Since the stands making process is carried out by authoritative institutions in some economies, this project will provide these beneficiaries with the opportunities to share information and learn from others' experiences and will enable them to apply this knowledge to their own dialogue and progress future cooperation and capacity building activities. E.g. China Academy of Building Research, Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers, and Green Building Council Australia.  Researchers and experts–they will get great opportunities to communicate with outstanding researchers who are at the frontier of research in building technology academic fields. They are the most direct beneficiaries and changing propellers. E.g. Tsinghua University of China, Nagoya University of Japan, Lawrence Berkeley Lab of USA, RMIT of Australia.  The NZEB project developers and investors–will get latest technology, financing and commercial information from The APEC Nearly (Net) Zero Energy Building Roadmap report, to show them the inevitable trend of NZEB development.  Manufacturers of construction industry–they will understand and grasp the developing direction of the building construction industry trends. Some developing economies within the APEC community are relatively new to NZEB technologies and bring some different perspectives to the target and routes that the regulators has set, then they will be also the beneficiaries of this project to have a further participation and comprehension.
Published on November 24, 2017


Usha Iyer-Raniga

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