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Air quality is transformed by cycling / Conversatorio: la calidad del aire se transforma con la bicicleta

This evnt sought to analyse and discuss the information and figures on air quality in Bogotá and the role of cycling as an alternative to personal car use in reducing pollution associated with mobile sources in the city.

Vehicles are nowadays considered indispensable for urban ecosystems and their functioning in society, the city of Bogotá is not an exception as it has a large amount of private and massive vehicle use, mainly those using petrol and diesel, causing poor air quality for its inhabitants, causing illnesses and in turn deterioration of the environment within the city. The daily use of vehicles is responsible for approximately 30% to 90% of the gases that are pollutants produced by vehicular traffic worldwide. That is why it is important to know the use of alternative transport such as the bicycle in order to reduce the data figures on air pollutants and thus the health of the city's inhabitants as well as to obtain a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Published on February 15, 2022


María José Rodríguez

  • El Bosque University

Juan Pablo Bejarano

  • El Bosque University

Mara José Castañeda

  • El Bosque University

Sebastián Gómez

  • El Bosque University

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09:00 pm
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10:30 pm

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