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2nd Sri Lankan Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production

The Theme of the Roundtable was “SCP: Driving Sri Lanka towards a Green Economy”. It focused on various sustainability issues of the economic sectors addressing in the Sri Lankan context as well as in the context of the South Asian region. it highlighted the achievements of Cleaner Production in Sri Lanka while providing a platform to facilitate the exchange of information, share the practical experience and entertain novel concepts and ideology related to Sustainable Consumption and Production.
1.promoting sustainable business practices initiatives that could help minimise environmental impact, ensure resource optimisation thereby, preventing climate change and promoting energy-efficiency. 2. promoting private and multinational corporations in Sri Lanka to adopt green practices. Papers at the technical sessions were presented by industrialists, academics, institutional heads, researchers, and university graduates. In all 42 technical papers were presented under several themes as Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources , Water For life , Proactive SCP Tools, Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production, Governance and Changing Life Style, Sound Chemical Management, Resource Management in Agriculture, Environmentally Sound Technologies The participation at the Roundtable was very satisfactory with over 175 participating at parallel sessions. The inauguration was attended by well over 300 invitees. The publication has been issued for public reference. Additionally, a workshop on handling chemicals responsibly was also organised. Participants ranged from members and representatives of various state-run universities, leading manufacturing industries, and Government representatives. Many international resource persons participated for this event. so this was a great opportunity for local industries, academics for gaining the knowledge from international experts. It was a platform for all international and local experts to sharing their technical knowledge and getting solutions for problems associated with the industries. This is already successfully completed
Published on January 22, 2018

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