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The 2022 Waste Summit Conference - Driving value via the circular economy webinar

Usha was an expert panel member in this webinar and addressed the following questions:

Moving away from product ownership and into a shared model/product as a service

The transition away from a linear economy model/raw material use which also has a huge flow on effect to various operations including the supply chain

Improving R&D as products in a service models won’t be impacted by obsolete technologies etc

A model of product as a service, tying into the circular model delivery

Technology plays an important role

Values based customer – gen z driving the change and setting the trends, committed to climate change

Limited natural resources, pursing a circular model a critical path of behaviour change

Recent election result further showing the voting by the younger generation who want a cleaner/climate centric leadership

20/30 driving change by behaviour and their preference

Formal education esp around sustainability is shifting – clearer content and messaging

How enable community education/awareness through targeted messaging and unified communication to each generation

Professor Usha Iyer-Raniga is at the School of Property and Construction Management at RMIT University. Usha is co-leading the One Planet Network’s Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme (SBC), United Nations 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production (UN 10FYP SCP) aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 12, as well as the newly formed Integrated Platform for Circular Economy, Climate Resilience, and Energy. This webinar is directly related to the work of the OPN SBC programme.

Published on November 16, 2022


Usha Iyer-Raniga

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Event start date
10:00 pm
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06:00 am

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