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The 14th Conference on Sustainable Development

The Conference on Sustainable Development is an annual event organized by the Croatian BCSD which brings together experts in CSR, sustainability and future trends, leading Croatian and international companies in the field of sustainable development. The conference is also an opportunity to award the Croatian Sustainability Index.

The Conference on Sustainable Development is a 2-day event that will provide insight into topics related to climate change and its impact on the economy, sustainable development, socially responsible business practices, sustainable consumption of resources, human rights, diversity policies and so on. The Conference focuses on bringing policymakers, sustainability experts and leading managers together to discuss climate regulations, sustainable business practices and future trends. It also serves and a ground for multisectoral dialog where different stakeholders can meet and exchange arguments on their views.

The central part of the Conference is plenary session with key note speakers coming from leading sustainable businesses and policymakers. This is the part of the Conference when awards for Sustainability Index (HRIO) are awarded. The following part of the Conference will consist of several panels, and each panel will center around a specific sustainability topic. Some of these include reducing emissions and climate change adaptations, sustainable financing, sustainability reporting, industrial policy, natural capital and others. Each panel will host high level participants that will openly discuss how their current business practices relate to a specific sustainability topic and what could be expected in the future. With new stricter regulations set in place by the European Commission many businesses and governments can expect major transitions in how they operate. Hence, the topic of sustainable consumption and production will be highlighted throughout the majority of panels. Representatives of the biggest industries in Croatia and the region will engage in transparent conversation to provide examples of their sustainable production practices and consumption habits, but also to express concerns about upcoming challenges.

Additionally, during the Conference, the most successful Croatian companies in the field of corporate sustainability and responsible business will be awarded the Croatian Sustainability Index. This Index emphases areas of conscientious consumption of resources and sustainable production practices. Participants will be able to learn about successful implementations of sustainable practices and about the process of switching company strategies towards responsible business.

Published on January 26, 2022


Representatives of the ministry of economy and sustainable development, ministry of finance, ministr


Business leaders in targeted industries speaking about challenges in achieving sustainability

EC representative with knowledge on recent development in regulation concerning corporate and financ

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