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Ngozi Osadebe

Literacy for Sustainable Living, Nigeria

I mentor children and youth to value their lives and the world in which they live. I help children and youth to understand that the life choices they make today can affect their lives in the future and the world in which they live. I empower children and youth with the skills to make informed decisions by teaching them information literacy skills. I encourage children and youth to read widely and to ask questions. I rely on education & information, experimentation and excursions to pass live-saving information to youth. 

I organise seminars and hands-on activities during the international day celebrations to create awareness about the particular international day and the message behind it. At the community level, I organise community children and youth for community activities such as clean-up and tree planting. I also have a reading club for community children between the ages of 5 to 12.  At schools, I organise clubs such as the Climate change and  STEM club. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. All are geared towards equipping the children with the skill to help their communities achieve the sustainable development goals of which responsible consumption and production is one (goal 12).