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Candice Guilaran

Project Development Officer

My current work description are the following: assist in updating and crafting of the priority research agenda and programs of priority high value crops, proposal technical evaluation related on high value crops, and monitoring and evaluation of research projects to ensure timely and efficient implementation. My experience related to sustainble consumption and production is my knowledge on food systems, value chain analysis, my background in agricultural economics and working in the agricultural research field. 

My major areas of interest are mostly geared towards the food systems analysis and its effect on the environment: how producers, consumers, marketing intermediaries, public & private sector as well as governing bodies/policy makers make decisions and create impact in the overall welfare of the community.

I decided to join in this network in order to contribute more to my current line of work in the Department of Agriculture under the research and development domain. I want to gain more knowledge, experience and expertise by enhancing my technical capabilities in proposal evaluation of agricultural research technologies and help local farmers in my home country the Philippines.