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Sara Hoogerwerf

Nutrition and Rural Development Expert

Currently working in the Food and Nutrition Division (ESN) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), primarily on territorial market analysis and development for healthy diets and nutrition. As the physical place where food supply and consumption demand meet, markets are essential components of the food environment, and especially in developing countries, are at the core of local food systems and can catalyze their transformation. Markets play, in fact, a crucial and strategic role in the food security and nutrition of the territories in which they are embedded by ensuring that healthy and diversified food is available, accessible, affordable and desirable to local consumers. As FAO we developed a methodology for mapping territorial markets and started a data collection in several countries, that allows a better understanding of the contribution of territorial markets to local diets, and to gain information on the challenges and opportunities in management and governance of these institutions, as well as, on the investment opportunities for upgrading these markets to serve the multiple benefits of the local populations.