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François-Pierre Blain


Francois-Pierre Blain is dedicated to offering sustainable food to the world. He is working with specialists and manufacturers to develop recipes that are disrupting the world of food in America. He has launched 2019 the first bread made with cricket powder to bring sustainable protein and vitamins from insects in a product that everyone can relate to and easily adopt. He did it too with a burger made from vegetables, legumes, and cricket powder. Now he is launching food products and ingredients made from upcycled vegetables, fruits, and production residue to offer healthy meals that are made in great part with these ingredients, maximize the resources and remove from landfills these healthy ingredients that would have produced methane gas. These products and ingredients are now available to bring quality proteins and vitamins where there is a need for these ingredients. Some of the products and all ingredients are dry and stable and can be exported where there is a lack of good nutritional food.