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sonali purewal

co founder

zoobop is the  world's first brand checker by which we mean that users can

check any personal care brand to see if it is TRULY that:

• CLEAN (safe ingredients, including organic and natural claims )

• GREEN ( no eco toxins, including packaging)

• HONEST (transparent with no hidden ingredients, and FAIRTRADE/ Responsible supply chain)

• CRUELTY-FREE (no animal testing at any stage of procurement, production or marketing)

We gather our data primarily from leading industry standards, third-party certifications, additional publicly available reports by brands and their parent companies. Our trademarked bop tool calculates each brand's score in relation to the top four categories. For each rating, we present a text summary, an analysed verdict is delivered after checking all the data.

zoobop aims to partner and affiliate with all major stakeholders in sustainable beauty. The idea is to create one platform as a global resource for users to conveniently check and find better alternatives. 

“Bop it before you shop it” is our mantra, for you to make informed / responsible purchases for a better you and a better earth. And for brands to re-think about formulating better, safer, cleaner products as more customers will demand it.