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Martin Babuška

Project manager

Living Industry

industrial city for 2.8 million inhabitants in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, Living Energy - the use of renewable resources for energy self-sufficiency of the emirate of Rah al Kaimah, 2008, author

European Battery

4,000 MW - connection of the Danube river with Lipno see and the installation of a 1000 MW pumped storage hydroelectric power plant (PSHPP), subsequent improvement of the water flows of the Vltava river cascade and its energy potential. Addition of three PSHPPs in the Ore Mountains with a total output of 3,000 MW. Measures against drought, floods, directly supporting renewable energy sources (especially Germany) 2010-running, PM, 50% financing pre-negotiated at EIB

Lanka Via

4,000 km2 new settlement, agriculture, manufacturing and logistics of the civil war brownfield of the north/east part of the island of Sri Lanka, 2016 / in progress, PM, general designer. Project approved by the President of Sri Lanka, planned funding from the Asian Development Bank

Future Fujairah

1,000 km2 complex microclimate change by artificial construction of biotic pumps, vegetation cover, construction of water corridors, dams, pumped storage hydropower plants, photovoltaic and wind power plants, desalination of seawater and its mineralization, complete water management, use of wastewater for greenhouse cultivation. 2017, completed, author of the case study

Green Arava Valley

10,000 km2 rescue of the Dead Sea, construction of a water cascade corridor connecting the Red and Dead Seas. Utilization of water energy for the production of electricity for pumping water into the Dead Sea and desalination plants. The solution will allow the gradual settlement of the desert area between Israel and Jordan (a project discussed in the government circles of Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan). 2018, approval in progress, author of the case study. The project is being prepared for discussion at the UN.

Silkyway Center Pilsen

1000 km2, development proposal of the Pilsen agglomeration for one million inhabitants, new settlement and production structure of the agglomeration. 2018, completed, author of the case study

Ayurvedic Lagoon

Sri Lanka 200 km2, Ayurvedic Clinic and SPA and Resorts with a capacity of 90,000 visitors, comprehensive development based on the development of traditional agriculture and crafts, new settlement structure for 300,000 inhabitants, relevant technical and transport infrastructure study for a private investor. 2021 (update from 2016) / in progress, PM, general designer. Project approved by the President of Sri Lanka and the Governor, planned funding from the Asian Development Bank