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Sutirtha Roy

SLE Contributor, Researcher & Earth Enthusiasts

I am a being here on planet Earth & my name is Sutirtha (literally translates to sacred place near water in Sanskrit). As you could read I'm from India! I am Masters of Science in Zoology discipline from the University of Calcutta with specialization in Biodiversity & Ecosystem Function. 
I've been following the global sustainability movement since 2015. My principle focus is on SDG 2 – ZERO HUNGER.  I want to make people aware that the food web is the web of life - how we grow, transport & process our food is the single biggest determinant of the health of our planet & our own individual health. Food is among humanity's greatest joys. From savoring special delights to sharing food, how we eat symbolizes our deepest bonds. However worringly, the way we consume food could consume us. The Science of food, interwoven into the art of diet, is something we grew up with. But what you eat at home or learn from your local cuisine is changing because we're now designing our diet based on aspiration, on what others eat, on what is supposed to be modern & what is easily available - this transmutation is happening because of the power of markets, food companies & food commodification.
I believe, “We are all extinction rebellions doing our bit to leave the Mother Earth as a legacy for our future generations.”