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Maria Fernanda Bernate Giraldo

Environmental engineer

Sustainable consumption and production are the basis for our lifestyle, I have no professional experience but I have academic experience of the importance of these two in our daily lives, for example not wasting water, going for a walk or cycling, the circular economy is the basis because it teaches us that what is considered waste can be used as raw material for a new product; And I know first hand this economy because I have seen it in many parts of my country, for example in the farms or in the indigenous world because they know that what is considered waste they use it as compost or as a material for clothes or accessories even as paint. I try to apply this knowledge of cricular economy or sustainable consumption and production in my day to day life for example by doing a vermiculture, vegetable gardens, using the necessary water, going for a walk, eating unprocessed food and helping others to do the same.