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Catherine Germier-Hamel

Founder & CEO - Sustainable Tourism Development and Marketing Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator

Working hard to make our world a fairer place to live and explore
Catherine Germier-Hamel is a French impact Entrepreneur, Consultant and Trainer specialized in sustainable tourism development, management and marketing. 
For over 25 years, Catherine has built an international career dedicated to sustainable global and local development in a variety of sectors including tourism, hospitality, leisure and environmental utilities -water, sanitation, waste. 
After working for 9 years in a subsidiary of Suez group offering consulting and technical assistance for utilities management in developing and emerging countries, particularly in Africa and Latin America, she decided to embrace a career in sustainable tourism
In 2005, Catherine started a new life in South Korea where she created the initiative Wine & Women Korea, then served as F&B Marketing Manager at Novotel Gangnam hotel (2007-2008) and Director of Global Programs & Sustainable Tourism Consultant at the UNWTO ST-EP (Sustainable Tourism for Eliminating Poverty) Foundation (2008-2013), before becoming an independent Consultant and Trainer in 2014.
​In 2016, she incorporated Millennium Destinations in Seoul, as an impact company providing consulting services and innovative solutions to small businesses and organizations of the travel, hospitality and leisure sectors for their sustainable tourism development and marketing. 
In 2019, she co-founded the Herost impact platform, designed as an online travel guide and toolkit promoting sustainable, community-driven travel places, experiences and practices. Since 2020, she has acted as the CEO of Herost. 
Catherine holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and Management from Neoma Business School (1992), and a post degree in Sustainable Tourism Development from University Paris Nanterre (2004). 
In November 2020, Catherine was awarded a Honorary Citizenship by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.