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Roslyn Scott

Founder & Director


MobiCycle's mission is to revolutionize how organizations address Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions from electronic and electrical equipment. With a background in business process consulting, psychology, finance, and accounting, coupled with advanced studies in program and project management, I've positioned MobiCycle at the forefront of tackling the electronic industry's environmental impact.  

We're dedicated to facilitating a significant reduction in the potent greenhouse gases emitted through the lifecycle of electronic products, from manufacturing to disposal, which are up to 20,000 times more impactful than CO2. By focusing on primary data and encouraging the adoption of science-based targets, MobiCycle aims to drive the transition towards more sustainable consumption patterns and production processes. This includes advocating for repairable electronics, supporting ethical waste management, and reducing reliance on critical minerals, thereby contributing to biodiversity preservation and pollution reduction. 

Our holistic approach extends beyond mere compliance with emerging regulations, to foster a culture of responsibility and innovation within organizations, enabling them to not only meet regulatory requirements but to also lead in the transition to a sustainable economy. MobiCycle's services span from consulting and technology solutions to educational games and marketing strategies, all designed to address the multifaceted challenges of sustainability in the electronics sector.