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Alcides Falanghe


We have 3 pillars:

  • Experience: Guests can have an opportunity to experience the life on board enjoying nature, diving and sailing around the world. We compare our boat to planet Earth, with limited resources that must be used consciously, like water, electricity and disposal of garbage. We dive with them and emphasize the changes the ocean is suffering, bringing awareness about simple problems like plastic bags eaten by turtles, over-fishing and invasive species. 

  • Educate: We would like to develop a virtual experience for  children to show them the marine life and to bring awareness about the problems. They are the key for the future. We are also working on a educational plataform, its threats and the possible solutions to be used at schools as material for discussions and learning.

  • Engage: We want to engage virtually and physically  the most of people we can in this movement.  We must keep the ocean alive. Human survival depends on it.