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Jeffrey Barber

Steering Committee member

In addition to his role as President of the nonprofit organization Integrative Strategies Forum (ISF), Jeffrey Barber is a co-founder of the Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption and the North American Roundtable on Sustainable Production and Consumption, and past member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Committee  to the Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Program within the 10 Year Framework on Sustainable Consumption and Production. ISF’s focus on the transition to sustainable production and consumption systems and on public participation in sustainable development policymaking involves a history of work with a range of civil society networks and organizations evolving since the 1992 Earth Summit. This includes co-chairing the NGO Caucus on Sustainable Production and Consumption, co-founding the International Coalition for Sustainable Production and Consumption, the NGO Taskforce on Business and Industry, the Sustainable Development Issues Network, the North American Sustainable Consumption Alliance and as board member of the Northern Alliance for Sustainability and the Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative. ISF served for many years as Secretariat for the Citizens Network for Sustainable Development. 

Before entering the world of sustainability advocacy and civil society participation, Mr. Barber first became involved in social science research in the area of public opinion and social policy, serving as Director of Media Research at Peter D. Hart Research Associates, following a decade of consumer and market research at Arbitron Ratings Company (now Nielsen Research), the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute). Mr. Barber received his BA in experimental psychology and MA in interdisciplinary social science from San Francisco State University, after an earlier career in experimental theater in San Francisco.