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Sunday Brown Emmanuel

Coordinating Director

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Sunday Brown is the Coordinating Director and co-founder of The Delta Rural Foundation, an organization dedicated to driving sustainable development initiatives since 2019. He is passionate about environmental conservation and empowering communities to promote sustainable consumption and production practices.

His expertise lies in designing and executing programs that address plastic pollution, waste management, and resource depletion challenges. Through his initiatives, he has raised awareness about the environmental impacts of single-use plastics and implemented recycling programs in hard-to-reach coastal communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. He has also led efforts to promote sustainable agriculture practices among smallholder farmers. His goal is to enhance productivity while preserving the ecological integrity of agricultural systems.

He collaborates with state and local government agencies, local peer groups, and rural community leaders to promote sustainable consumption and production at a systemic level. By influencing policies and regulations, he strives to create an enabling environment for sustainable development. He hopes to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations to drive positive change and create a more sustainable future for all.