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Project Officer.

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Today, the institution promotes and supports the effective use of ICTs by women and women organizations for sustained development at household, institution and national level. WOUGNET has witnessed growth and improvement in its core capabilities. Capabilities that have changed most are the capability to relate, capability to produce and deliver products and services; capability to act and commit, capability to adapt and self-renew in that descending order. It has over one hundred (100) members so far, spread regionally in the country and the number is still growing

The institution emphasizes the use of ICTs in their interventions. These include but are not limited to SMS, radio, video, television, email, social media and print with the internet as an enabler to communication and information sharing.

The interventions include, (1) Pproviding information at varying digital platforms that enables productivity (2)Eeasing access, utilization and application of ICTs and (3) Iinfluencing the formulation and implementation of gender sensitive ICT policies and programs.