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Reem N Bsaiso


Thank you for this opportunity.

I DO NOT Work at but with the Ministry,  I got stuck filling up the form, unable to 'Add a New Organization'. I am the Advisor - Far East Projects and Development Company.

We are proposing to the Jordanian Government, helping us is the Parliamnt to build first pilot of 1 unit 500 Metric MT of waste (municipal agricultural) daily, aspiring to reach 5 units to cover less than 30% of Jordan's waste. Here is a summary - we really need you help and support in any way you can: 

Thermo-Chemical Gasification (TCG)

Thermal gasification involves using municipal and other types of waste, applying high heat to break down organic molecules into biogas and carbon dioxide. The biogas is then upgraded to pipeline quality renewable natural gas (RNG). Thermal gasification may be the second most widely used method of producing renewable natural gas in the United States at present 

System Output: Syngas Slag/ash, Electricity, Heat Energy, Ash in solid form, Biofuel Products, Ethanol, Methanol, Petrol (Gasoline), Diesel, Jet Fuel, Hydrogen gas (H2).

but we care to work with the community to save, recycle and empower - like you

I am willing to share the concept