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Youssouf Souleyman Kandamaye


Hello everyone, I am Youssouf Souleyman kandamaye from Chad Born in 1999 in Faya, Chad, and I worked at the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization by Order N°431/PR/MFPTDS/DG/DFP/SDC/ SP bearing Assignment, previous I worked at the Ministry of the Environment, Water and Fisheries and in with be forwarded to the Ministry of Public Security and Immigration N°0140/PCMT/PMT/MATD/SG/ DGRHFML/DRHF/SP/2022. Bachelor's degree with different professional and academic degrees. He was a member of Yali Network 2021, and a volunteer International Human Rights Commission in 2021. And Country Contact Points Coy 17, representing his country Chad AfCFTA CHAMPION C E R T I F I C A T E, N'Djamena, continuation be transmitted n ° 1997/PCMT/PMT/SG/CAJADH/2021 From December 21, 2021, I am the president of the Committee of Dialogue and Pacific Cohabitation until the hour. We coordinate Activista, a platform that aims to empower youth.