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Ali Ahmed


Alif Energy is manufacturer of briquettes Producing briquettes from waste and weeds.

In Ethiopian scenario 70% of population consumption is firewood and charcoal. For this basic energy supply demand. Massive deforestation is taking place in all parts of the country.

In Afar and Somali Region Prosopis cover 1.8-million-hectare land this affected pastoralists  and even land  More than 2 million pastoralists are victims. Because the land used for grazing was invaded by this weed. They do not have enough food for their animals, and they die easily.

On the other hand, this weed has a high water absorption capacity, In the Afar region alone, more than 3.1 billion cubic meters of water is wasted every year due to weeds, leading to drought. It has resulted in significant resource wastage and has prevented other plants from growing in the area.

The weed also controlled agricultural areas that were close to water. In the past, the local community used to cultivate the land for themselves and their families, but now it has completely changed and forced them to become caretakers.

This weed controls 15% of the arable land in our country during the winter. As a result, it is a major obstacle to our food security.