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The Agricultural and Ecological Development Foundation (AEDF) is a non-profit Organization
that generates agricultural innovations to meet people most pressing challenges of hunger,
malnutrition, poverty, and natural resource degradation. Working with various partners across
Globe , we improve livelihoodsenhance food and nutrition security, Empowerment program for the Young men and women.
increase employment, and preserve natural resource integrity.


To help address poverty and the high number of unemployed young men and women in, AEDF has initiated a Youth De-urbanization program to create jobs by making agriculture and agribusiness appealing to the youth. The program is integrated into the Business Entrepreneur Platform (BEP), the technology delivery arm of AEDF, which serves as a model to stimulate product development and to provide opportunities for market expansion

The Competitiveness of wood products, Market intelligence and transparency in the tropical timber trade and tropical timber supply chains; forest law enforcement and governance; illegal logging; biodiversity conservation; climate-change mitigation and adaptation; the contributions of non-timber forest products and environmental services; and the livelihoods of forest-dependent communities.